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Data and Digital Citizen Services Post COVID-19

How public sector agencies can deliver critical services reliably and securely — even amid uncertainty.

Under pressure to match private sector service experiences and manage costs, public sector agencies were already shifting from in-person to digital citizen services. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic locked down government offices, and a remote workforce was charged with adapting to an escalating need for services that citizens could access digitally.

The ability to visualize data from countless sources — epidemiological surveillance, mobility maps, case and contact identifiers, symptom trackers, wearable devices, online search information, telemedicine and more — is critical to delivering effective digital citizen health-related services.

Download your copy of Data and Digital Citizen Services Post COVID-19 and discover how you can leverage the right data platform to ensure a data-first strategy that helps you:

  • Automate responses at machine speeds
  • Predict outbreaks and model response scenarios
  • Monitor supply chains and PPE burn rates
  • Monitor data from IoT, devices, apps and platforms


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