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15 Ways to Use Splunk for Trading Operations


Administrators face critical challenges in managing operations in trading environments where the smallest amount of latency can lead to lost revenue. You can’t afford to operate at less than 100%. Yet staying on top of data, networks, processes, counterparties and countless other variables is becoming increasingly more complex, time-consuming and difficult.

In “15 Ways to Use Splunk for Trading Operations,” we’ve curated the top IT operations, security operations, and business operations use cases that you’ll likely encounter, equipping you with tools, tips and tricks to overcome some of the biggest challenges in your trading operations environment. And we outline how Splunk can help.

Download your complimentary copy to explore how Splunk can support you with:

  • Open tracing
  • Data exfiltration
  • System and server configuration monitoring and management
  • And more (12 more, to be exact!)

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