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Data Edge


Leadership insights and strategies for a fast, data-rich world.

49:49 min

Leadership in a Disruptive World:

Basketball legend Magic Johnson, Disney executive chairman Bob Iger and Splunk CEO Doug Merritt share how they approach moments of transformation.

Leaders for a disruptive world


Zoom Thrives in the Data Age

When the world turned to Zoom to stay connected, Zoom turned to data to make it happen.


Fueling the Global Data Recovery

The Times roundtable brings together data leaders to discuss data's role in our future.

Leadership and data

The Data Age is Here. Are You Ready?

Over 2,200 leaders talk about the technology and data driving our future.

In Conversation  

Hear today’s most renowned and innovative visionaries share the inspirations and the lessons that have shaped their success, and their thoughts on tomorrow.


Tune into interviews with Splunk customers and learn how data is driving them forward.


Tap into roundtable discussions between cross-industry leaders that touch on research, ethics, business and other topics.

better government better government

58:14 min

Unity in Data Leads to Better Governance

The more united our thinking, and the more data we liberate, the more innovative government services will be.


data imperative data imperative

24:48 min

The Data Imperative: Moving From Insight to Action

Industry leaders discuss creating data strategies that will drive transformation and amplify impact amid a changing business landscape.

Leadership and Data  

Ideas, opinions and research to move and shake our world.

The State of Security 2021 The State of Security 2021

20 min

The State of Security 2021

Security in a post-COVID, post-SolarWinds world.

emerging technology predictions emerging technology predictions

30 min

Executive Predictions 2021

Leadership strategies and trends in a faster, more disruptive world.