Case Study

up366 Maximizes Data Value With Real-Time Operations Monitoring

Executive Summary

Tianxuewang Education Technology, also known as up366, is a Chinese high-tech enterprise offering total solutions for stratified teaching and personalized education through Internet, big data and artificial intelligence technologies. It focuses on the R&D, sales and service of intelligent education platforms, teaching and learning products. Because of the high granularity of its data, up366 had difficulty analyzing and integrating vast amounts of underlying device, security-related and business data for troubleshooting. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, the company has seen benefits including:

  • Real-time data management
  • Effective incident prevention because of precise data analysis
  • Maximized data values from effective data utilization
    • Inefficient business operation due to difficulty of integrating massive amounts of data
    • Inability to predict and prevent problems through precise analysis of granular data
    • Ineffective utilization of data resulting in inefficiencies
Business Impact
    • Improved problem prevention due to enhanced data analysis
    • Time and cost savings due to more efficient operations
    • Simplified management and increased business value through improved data utilization
Data Sources
    • Device data
    • Security data
    • Business data

Why Splunk

up366’s products and services are used in primary schools, secondary schools and universities. More than 8,000 schools and nearly 5 million students currently use its product and services, with users spread across more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and province-equivalent municipalities in China. The company needed a suitable data management and analysis tool to achieve automated operation, especially to cope with an enormous increase in the complexity of its businesses and the extensive amount of data generated from business growth.

After evaluating and comparing a few business automation products through a comprehensive survey, up366 found that the Splunk solution was the best option for meeting its needs in terms of time and cost effectiveness and helping the complex business thrive.

Monitoring system status in real time and obtaining data needed in no time

Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, up366 is able to monitor its day-to-day business operations in real time. The company can also keep track of all system status and key indexes of IT operations at any time, while nipping problems in the bud and enhancing security. The Splunk solution not only enables up366 to shift from reactive to proactive monitoring, but also allows it to detect all system issues anytime and anywhere, while tackling the problems at the very moment they occur. As a result, up366 enables seamless operation for users wherever they are and whenever they need.

Discovering and resolving problems promptly, saving time and costs

Whenever a data problem arises, Splunk Enterprise immediately helps up366 locate the problem among the multiple layers of massive data and proactively resolve the issue by eliminating operational complexities and facilitating data searches. This not only boosts efficiency, saves time and lowers costs, but also improves the company’s business performance.

Transforming data management and enhancing business values

With Splunk Enterprise, up366 is now able to adjust analysis dimensions and intervals whenever needed. It also helps up366 conduct real-time event tracing from search results and metadata and generate various types of predictive and analytics reports through an intuitive, all-in-one console. This helps simplify operational processes and improve employee experience, and allows up366 to focus on core business development. Moreover, by deriving maximum value from data, the Splunk solution enables up366 to easily monitor all business processes and delivers valuable insights on user participation rate as well as success and failure rates. All in all, Splunk has helped revolutionize up366’s approach to data analysis.

“The Splunk solution helps maximize our data value. We not only have a professional and effective solution, but also enjoy an optimal support service that meets our needs. Splunk has provided good value for our investment.”

Liu Wen, Vice President
Tianxuewang Education Technology Co., Ltd.