Case Study

UniCredit Delivers Omni-Channel Excellence With Real-Time Operational Insights

Executive Summary

UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions (UBIS) is the UniCredit Group's global services company. UBIS is dedicated to providing services in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), back office and middle office, real estate, security and procurement. UniCredit needed a way to collect, store and analyze machine data from multiple sites, systems and applications in order to provide optimal service for its banking customers. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, UBIS has seen benefits including: 

  • Real-time operational insights
  • Simplified adherence to compliance requirements
  • Proactive incident management
    • Find a way to harness the growing flood of machine data generated by online banking and other services
    • Establish a single point of access to enable new insight into business and operational data, including better reporting and analyses
    • Improve service quality 
Business Impact
    • Enhanced customer experience thanks to reduced services downtime
    • Improved service quality thanks to integrated view of IT operations across entire infrastructure
    • Avoided costly penalties by better understanding and mitigating operational and security risks
    • 40 percent of incidents proactively mitigated before customer is impacted
    • MTTR reduction of 70 percent
    • Simplified adherence to compliance requirements
Data Sources
    • WebSphere and JBoss application data
    • JVM (Java Virtual Machine) metrics
    • Application mainframe (CICS/IMS/DB2)
    • Network switch/router/firewall logs
    • Systems and application events from TIBCO, Tuxedo, IMEX, Eurosig and Apache

Why Splunk

One of the most significant challenges faced by UBIS is keeping pace with and harnessing the massive amount of machine data generated across its multi-national infrastructure. Based in Milan, Italy, UBIS oversees activities in 10 other countries as well, including Austria, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, the United States and Singapore. UBIS runs approximately 1,000 applications on a variety of different platforms. The collection, storage and analysis of this data is critical in order to troubleshoot issues, identify security concerns, detect fraud and maintain a positive customer experience. With no single point of access, a significant amount of time was required to analyze machine data from disparate sources.

Splunk offered a more innovative approach to managing the big data challenge compared to competitive products. The UBIS team believed Splunk could help the firm reduce both the mean time to investigate (MTTI) and the mean time to resolve (MTTR) operational issues by means of real-time monitoring and proactive incident resolution.  UBIS achieved fast implementation of Splunk Enterprise—in just one month—by working with Splunk partner Moviri. The company recently scaled up data collection from 250GB to 2.8TB per day.

“Our aim was to reach beyond the silos and individual applications to achieve real-time visibility and Operational Intelligence. It is absolutely important to our business to have full and constant control across the entire IT infrastructure.” 

ICT Engineer, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions

Proactive incident management reduces costs, speeds resolution

Real-time and historical monitoring of data within Splunk has allowed UBIS to quickly identify issues and proactively prevent incidents. Specifically, UBIS is using Splunk Enterprise to monitor transactions at regular intervals and send alerts based on thresholds and conditions. With proactive monitoring in place, the customer service team has seen a significant improvement in service quality and gained new efficiencies. About 40 percent of incidents can now be managed before becoming evident to end-users.

Thanks to Splunk Enterprise, problems can be quickly localized and eliminated. Time spent on problem solving and troubleshooting has been reduced by as much as 70 percent—it now takes less than 15 minutes to resolve most issues, down from about an hour previously. As a result, the UBIS IT staff is able to focus on higher value, revenue-enhancing projects. 

“We were looking for something helping us in troubleshooting production problems in a faster and smarter way—and we found Splunk. The software can be used for a huge array of tasks.” 

ICT Engineer, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions

Deeper insight enhances compliance and savings

By providing a single view into all machine-generated data, Splunk software has also simplified adherence to compliance requirements. The UBIS compliance and control team uses impact analyses to calculate the actual effects of operational and security incidents. In this way, the Splunk solution helps the organization meet service level agreements (SLAs) with its customers, thus avoiding potential compensation payments. The resulting time savings, improved adherence to guidelines and reduction in downtimes have enabled UBIS to achieve important cost savings. 

Splunk Competence Center enables superior customer experience

While Splunk software was initially used primarily for troubleshooting and application monitoring, UBIS has gradually introduced additional use cases, including security analysis and business analytics.  About 700 UBIS employees in 180 departments are currently using the Splunk solution. The option of sharing information across all departments and business divisions has led to the creation of a Splunk Competence Center. Splunk enables centralized data access and correlation, allowing security and network specialists to collect and prioritize all queries, and create dashboards and reports.

The troubleshooting and application monitoring teams can now create 24/7 alerts, monitor events in real time, and save and share effective searches. This allows the entire infrastructure to be searched for frequent or recurring problems and drilldowns can be engineered much faster.

UBIS business analysts are using Splunk software to create weekly reports for top management that provide real-time insights into key business metrics such as the number of clients served by brick and mortar branches, Internet and mobile banking channels, number of newly opened bank accounts, number of loans and revolving credit cards managed, as well as number of payments and bank transactions executed.

Splunk Enterprise is supporting the crucial goal of providing the best possible financial service experience for UBIS customers. By providing a single source for organization-wide data access, Splunk is enabling all UBIS divisions to share and correlate information.