Case Study

Mark43 Depends on Splunk to Keep Its Law Enforcement Technology Always Available

Executive Summary

When your company builds software that improves public safety, downtime is a deal breaker — both for your customers and for the tools that keep your systems available and performant. Mark43 provides public safety agencies with a cloud-native platform for dispatch, records, evidence and analytics. Its software allows law enforcement officials to perform their critical jobs efficiently and seamlessly, so they can focus more on the communities they serve.

Real-time monitoring from Splunk* ensures:

  • The Mark43 engineering team has a single platform to monitor the health of its services in real time, giving them the visibility to get in and fix issues before they have a downstream effect.
  • Police officers in over 60 public safety agencies, who depend on Mark43 to perform their time-sensitive work, can do so without any service interruption.
    • Previous monitoring tools had consistent stability issues and generated a lot of unnecessary alerting noise
    • Multiple tools fragmented Mark43’s metrics
    • Slow time to resolution, eating up valuable development time
Business Impact
    • Single pane of glass for monitoring the health of its services in real time
    • Alerted to issues in seconds compared to a 10-minute latency with its previous tools
    • Ability to fix issues before they have a downstream effect for the officers using the platform
    • Splunk APM improves performance and reduces the amount of stress on the production platform overall
    • Improvements that previously took a full team almost an hour can be done by one engineer in minutes
Data Sources
    • AWS
    • Kafka
    • NGINX

*Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and Splunk APM were formerly trademarked as “SignalFx.”