Case Study

LUMO Energy Optimizes Revenue and Operations Through Real-Time Intelligence

Executive Summary

LUMO Energy is an Australian energy retailing business with several power stations situated throughout Australia. The energy provider uses a customized supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to monitor and control its machinery and equipment. LUMO Energy wanted to optimize its SCADA system in order to increase revenue and improve operational efficiencies. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, LUMO Energy has seen benefits including:

  • Optimized revenue
  • Enhanced capacity planning
  • Real-time operational visibility
    • Wanted to extend the capacity of SCADA system
    • Needed real-time visibility into infrastructure of power stations
    • Goal of increasing cost savings and operational efficiencies
Business Impact
    • Increased cost savings and operational efficiencies
    • Optimized revenue thanks to ability to react to price fluctuations
    • Improved operational visibility through real-time reporting
    • Enhanced capacity planning and resource optimization
Data Sources
    • Live data feed from AEMO
    • Telemetry logs
    • SCADA system events
    • Modbus data engine events
    • Infrastructure management systems

Why Splunk

LUMO Energy has considerable operational experience in the peak generation sector of the National Electricity Market in Australia. The energy provider wanted to extend the capacity of its SCADA system in order to enhance its ability to react to price fluctuations in real time and to maximize revenue. In addition, with the goal of increasing cost savings and operational efficiency, LUMO Energy was looking for a solution that would give real-time visibility into the infrastructure of its many power stations. The energy provider turned to the Splunk platform to automate its monitoring of base electricity prices and predictions. Splunk software’s reporting, analytics, and visualization capabilities allowed LUMO Energy to enhance its troubleshooting and gain real-time visibility into event correlation. 

“With the assistance of the Splunk platform’s reporting system, we have been able to gather greater details on the efficiency and health of each power station.”

Manager, Operations, LUMO Energy

Unparalleled operational visibility

Custom-built Splunk data collection software for HTTP & FTP now rapid-polls the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) for energy pricing and demand data. Splunk software indexes inbound data from AEMO, runs LUMO Energy specific analysis and calculations, then securely provides private execution proposals to stations via on-site Splunk instances that interact directly with programmable logic controllers (PLC) running hardware and equipment on site at LUMO Energy’s power stations.

The Splunk integration has given LUMO Energy greater control over the management of its custom SCADA environment. As part of the deployment, LUMO Energy has built a variety of Splunk dashboards that display market demand and pricing information, power station status and output, resource utilization and other telemetry, increasing operational visibility across the company’s energy generation assets. The energy provider has thus gained faster responsiveness to market fluctuations, unparalleled visibility into plant and equipment efficiency and fail-safe security for private online control of its energy assets operating in the Australian market.