Case Study

BookMyShow Uses Data to Amplify Innovation, Improve Customer Experience

Executive Summary

As the first entertainment ticketing company in India, BookMyShow scores seats for more than 30 million customers in over 650 cities across five countries. A subsidiary of India’s leading ticketing and event data provider Bigtree Entertainment, BookMyShow sells more than 15 million tickets every month and has over 50 million app downloads — creating tremendous surges of data.

Yet with data from diversified sources like call centers, internet ticketing kiosks and its mobile ticketing platform, the company was unable to effectively act on its data. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, BookMyShow has yielded many benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency with automated log management, reporting and service alerts
  • Improved service quality through real-time operational visibility
  • Better business agility and outcomes due to data-driven decisions
    • Log management limited solely to search and collection of error logs
    • Inefficient data management and analysis
    • No way to derive business insights from data
Business Impact
    • Greater efficiency through automated log management, reporting and service alerts
    • Lower cost of ownership through tool consolidation
    • Higher service quality due to real-time operational visibility, which accelerates troubleshooting and provides insight into customer needs
    • More flexibility to innovate and evolve services at scale
Data Sources
    • Error logs from various applications
    • Web server logs
    • Container logs

Why Splunk

Renowned as an innovator in the market, BookMyShow has developed rapidly to keep pace with digital transformation and the ever-accelerating speed of business. But this transformation has also created an exponential increase in data and logs from disparate locations. Limited solely to error log collection and search, the company’s legacy IT system was unable to turn this expansive data into actionable insights for better decision making.

To support the company’s expansion, Bigtree Entertainment sought a more flexible log management solution. With the help of software broker SmartCirqls, BookMyShow tailored its architecture to include customized data source onboarding. To gain end-to-end visibility across its IT infrastructure, BookMyShow followed SmartCirqls’ advice to implement Splunk, choosing the platform for its configurability, easy-to-use dashboards and ability to turn data into action.

“With Splunk and the supportive Splunk partner team at SmartCirqls, we have been able to set up high-availability architecture to optimize our resources and get maximum ROI.”

Viraj Patel,
Vice President of Technology, BookMyShow

Effective log management improves operational efficiency

Splunk Enterprise offers BookMyShow a single, centralized platform to manage its immense volume of logs and machine data. By consolidating data from multiple sources with differing technologies, the ticketing platform has reduced total cost of ownership for its hardware, in addition to reaping many benefits for its team. Users are now able to automatically collect, search, correlate and analyze many types of data in real time to expand data access, resolve operational issues faster and make more informed decisions.

Thanks to Splunk, BookMyShow has automatic log reporting built into its operational framework, helping users easily run queries on a variety of data sources for faster, more effective investigation and troubleshooting. If a transaction fails on any of its popular booking platforms, BookMyShow receives an automatic alert, enabling the administrator to immediately see improper user activities and execute timely remediation actions. Over time, this analysis and remediation enabled the application teams to set up auto-remediation actions that now resolve issues within seconds instead of minutes. With this systematic view of data, the team can deliver a more streamlined experience that continues to build long-term value for BookMyShow’s millions of customers.

Real-time visibility, higher customer satisfaction

By acting on data from Splunk, BookMyShow has significantly improved its service quality and overall customer experience. Real-time systems visibility has allowed the team to quickly identify and overcome obstacles in daily operations, while instant logging of failed transactions has led to faster issue resolution and happier customers.

Thanks to Splunk’s intuitive data visualization dashboards, BookMyShow now has an instant overview of system health and customer behavior, enabling the team to improve system performance and better satisfy customer needs. Armed with these insights, the team can now use data to quickly adapt its decision strategies, avoiding negative outcomes and seizing strategic opportunities.

Data diversity powers innovation

While data diversity was once a challenge for BookMyShow, the IT team now uses it to their advantage. Since Splunk’s capabilities extend far beyond basic error logging, BookMyShow can analyze its wide range of data sources in a systematic way. To further its security analytics journey, the company also uses Splunk to detect fraudulent use of voucher codes and anomalous behavior around discount offers.

A highly flexible and scalable platform, Splunk Enterprise leaves room for changing priorities and future expansion. This adaptability allows BookMyShow to unleash its full growth potential, evolve services to meet demand, and open a world of opportunities beyond IT management. As it continues to transform, the company will expand the use of Splunk to support other business applications, such as security, web server management and container logs management — helping pave the way for the next generation of booking services.