Case Study

Amaya Gaming Experiences Smarter Development and Reduces Compliance Headache

Executive Summary

Amaya Gaming provides a suite of online gaming products and services. Some of the world's largest and best-known gaming operators and casinos are powered by Amaya's online, mobile and land-based products. Due to its global footprint, Amaya was faced with a fragmented infrastructure, making it difficult to consolidate information from more than 80 applications. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, the company has seen benefits including:

  • Elimination of compliance challenges
  • Critical insights into development and performance
  • Improved DevOps collaboration
    • Fragmented global infrastructure made it difficult to consolidate information from more than 80 different applications
    • Developers did not have access to production environment due to compliance regulations
    • Troubleshooting was a time-consuming and complicated manual process
Business Impact
    • Smarter product development to ensure no negative impact on service performance
    • Reduced firefighting, freeing up resources to be more productive elsewhere
    • Improved service availability, neutralizing the risk of revenue impact and potential long-term damage to customer loyalty
    • Eliminated compliance headache by providing direct access to a dedicated compliance search head
Data Sources
    • Web services
    • Java applications
    • Application servers
    • Message queues
    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Various relational databases
    • Infrastructure equipment

Why Splunk

In addition to the challenge of needing to log data across a dispersed and fragmented global infrastructure, Amaya needed to conform to strict compliance requirements that prohibited the developer team from accessing production sites. As a result, Amaya lacked insight into the performance of new products once those products left the development environment. If something went wrong, it was a time-consuming task to identify the root cause.

In 2012, Amaya Gaming acquired Ongame, a B2B online poker network. Ongame was already using Splunk software to proactively optimize its online gaming services. Amaya began to use the platform for Operational Intelligence to support its production sites, sending the machine data produced by all of its applications into Splunk Enterprise, including log files from web and application services, various operating system and infrastructure equipment.

Amaya also uses Splunk Enterprise to index, search and analyze the data from as much third-party infrastructure as possible. It runs Splunk indexers and search heads in the development, test, acceptance and production environments. Executives use real-time Splunk dashboards to monitor revenue streams. Service operations use Splunk software primarily for troubleshooting, with real-time dashboards flagging incidents as they occur and for trend analysis.

“The ability to search and correlate machine data from new website features with Splunk Enterprise has resulted in a dramatic reduction of errors and incidents,” said Greger Landgren, manager of production design, Amaya Gaming.

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Operational time savings and smarter product development cycle

Amaya's development team began using Splunk Enterprise to spot bugs. Being able to search and correlate log data from new products and services resulted in a dramatic reduction of errors and incidents. The development team can now ensure the quality of releases, updates, and new products and services. The company is also using Splunk software to analyze which new features are being used, and how, by the end users of Amaya's services. This insight is fed back into the development cycle and informs future business decisions.

Before deploying Splunk software, the Amaya service operations team spent lots of time investigating a large volume of systems errors. By visualizing system health, the team can now address these errors proactively, reducing the overall number of incidents and identifying known issues.

“Meeting our compliance requirements used to be a time-consuming headache. Splunk has transformed the process and we can now do what's needed, hassle-free.”

Manager of Production Design, Amaya Gaming

Improved service availability and regulatory compliance worldwide

Thanks to the Splunk platform, Amaya has improved the availability of its services. By analyzing data, seeing trends, visualizing operations data and spotting errors, the company continues to ensure a high-quality customer experience. Amaya’s commitment to uptime is a global initiative, with a 'green light meeting' to correlate trending across time zones taking place as one region hands over to another. For example, when Europe hands over to the Canadian office, it reviews any releases that took place in the European time zone that might have an impact in the Canadian time zone.

The highly regulated nature of the gambling industry means Amaya must go through compliance checks from governments and authorities around the world, often on short notice. By giving relevant authorities direct access to a dedicated compliance Splunk search head with pre-defined searches and dashboards, Amaya has removed much of the headache associated with these complex compliance requirements. This dramatically simplified process means Amaya can provide authorities with real-time access to the data.

Game on: streamlined processes and enhanced customer experience

Splunk has enabled Amaya to streamline several time-consuming and potentially costly processes—from meeting compliance requirements to troubleshooting incidents and errors. The development team has gained critical insights into how new releases are performing, reducing the impact of bugs and allowing a more proactive approach to how new products and services are being used. This has resulted in improved customer experience across Amaya's online properties.