Case Study

AdvancedMD Strengthens Customer Satisfaction with Service-Centric Insight From Splunk ITSI

Executive Summary

AdvancedMD is a leading provider of cloud-based, software solutions for independent physician practices. Founded in 1999, the firm serves over 17,500 practitioners and 500 medical billing companies across the nation and abroad, offering integrated electronic health records (EHR), practice management, patient relationship management, as well as tools to automate workflows. AdvancedMD lacked advanced reporting capabilities and visibility into the status of its infrastructure and critical applications. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise and Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), AdvancedMD has seen benefits including: 

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Actionable insight into service delivery
    • Needed to consolidate data from multiple sources to achieve a unified view of service delivery
    • Required greater visibility into service-related systems and proactive warnings when issues arise
    • Lacked holistic view of cloud-based service performance
Business Impact
    • Ability to monitor network resources leads to improved service delivery
    • Greater customer satisfaction via service-centric health reporting, end-to-end visibility and advanced analytics to detect patterns, anomalies and trends
    • More efficient IT operations with full visibility into complex processes
    • Faster MTTR and increased reliability, thanks to consolidated views into workflows and components
Data Sources
    • Windows servers and application servers
    • Switches, routers and firewalls

Why Splunk

AdvancedMD must closely monitor the delivery of its services to the 13,500 to 15,000 users who log into its systems daily. The firm's IT staff must ensure that applications are always available and the supporting infrastructure is not overtaxed and can meet demand. However, AdvancedMD was unable to consolidate data for a unified view of service delivery because its monitoring  tools were dated and lacked advanced reporting capabilities or the functionality to visualize the status of various services. 

"Like any provider of cloud-based solutions, we require holistic views of the health and performance of our platform," says the director of platform operations for AdvancedMD. "To ensure our customers are always satisfied, we must be able to rapidly search our data, from the top to the bottom of the application stack, in order to detect and remediate issues.”

The AdvancedMD IT team deployed Splunk Enterprise and began feeding it logs from its Windows servers. The IT team linked other network resources, including switches, routers, firewalls and additional servers, to Splunk software. Administrators then built dashboards for the firm's network operating center (NOC) to monitor the status of all service delivery. The team soon learned of a new premium Splunk offering—Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)—that enhances the Splunk platform with out-of-the-box visibility into the operational health and key performance indicators of business services. Administrators deployed the application to better grasp the workflows of its customers.

Service intelligence delivers value to customers and business

AdvancedMD first applied Splunk ITSI to its claims processing service to gain visibility into this critical, but complex process. Splunk ITSI also provides AdvancedMD with adaptive thresholding to learn what is “normal” in service patterns and trends. For example, the solution came to recognize that most claims are submitted at the end of each month and, consequently, does not flag these periods for their abnormally high traffic.

"The art of monitoring infrastructure is knowing what queries and analytics to conduct to extract the value and insights you want," says the director. "With its pre-built dashboards and searches, Splunk ITSI does this for us. It asks the right questions and makes obtaining service intelligence a lot easier, especially compared to competing products. With Splunk ITSI, we had invaluable results and insights within days."

“Splunk ITSI ensures customer satisfaction by giving us service-centric health reporting, end-to-end visibility and advanced analytics to detect patterns, anomalies and trends.” 

Director, Platform Operations, AdvancedMD

Event correlation promotes rapid resolution

Using Splunk ITSI, AdvancedMD's IT staff ensures the performance and availability of services by quickly troubleshooting issues before they can impact customers. Consolidated views of workflows enable administrators to identify problems, detect their locations and resolve them. Rather than labor over schematics, they easily access the appropriate data to determine if an entire workflow or just a particular endpoint is unhealthy. Splunk ITSI also issues alerts when the performance of resources falls below baselines.

"A huge advantage of Splunk ITSI is that mean time to resolution (MTTR) is exponentially faster, because the solution points us in the right direction to fix problems and allows us to drill down to determine root cause, rather than hunt for them one server at a time," notes the director. "We easily access our data and have optics and metrics into our entire claims flow in one window. By listening to our data, we have greater control over our business processes, which means we'll competitively meet our customers' needs."

Service-centric view across the organization

AdvancedMD needed insights into its offerings with a lens into the value they deliver to the business. Thanks to the data-driven approach enabled by Splunk ITSI, the company has been able to view its services from a service perspective and to deliver on its bottom line. The director concludes, “Splunk ITSI ensures customer satisfaction by giving us service-centric health reporting, end-to-end visibility and advanced analytics to detect patterns, anomalies and trends."


Referenced customers participated in a limited release software program that included items at no charge.