What does it take to be a Sales Engineer at Splunk?

This is an opportunity to work at a company that is changing the way information supports business decisions. At Splunk, we've grown rapidly across central Europe by helping leading companies (including 90 of the Fortune 100) go from data to business outcomes faster than ever. 

Join us on our journey as Splunk Sales Engineer and enjoy a culture of inclusiveness, disruption, and fun while selling smart and winning big.

What’s the role of a Sales Engineer at Splunk?

  • You will technically own, discover, position, prove and deliver the key technical elements of a sales cycle to achieve a ‘technical win’ within large scale and complex customer environments. You’ll use a range of communication styles, a range of technology skills and experiences and a range of soft skills and people skills to develop trust relationships with both your sales colleagues and your customers.
  • You will be an advocate and ambassador for Splunk through your professional social media, industry and marketing events and supporting pipeline generation activities
  • You will collaborate with your customer contacts, and build them into Splunk champions, by helping them to understand how Splunk can help them to solve some of their most challenging problems and help them achieve their objectives.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Ability to demonstrate Splunk products and services to customers on site, remotely via webinar sessions, and at field events such as conferences and trade shows.
    • Establish and maintain strong relationships throughout the sales cycle with all levels within the customer.
    • Willing to travel to visit prospects and customers, and to engage in onsite customer work when required.
    • Answer complex technical and competitive questions plus address customer concerns to a successful outcome.
    • You should have experience with discovering pain and determining value with customers.
    • You should be comfortable working for a dynamic technical organization with a rapidly expanding customer base.


Do these characteristics describe YOU?

  • Curiosity: You tend to want to understand the why of a scenario as much as the what and typically use a range of skills to discover whether the first response to the question really describes the situation or its implications  
  • Customer Success: Selling is great, but customers being successful with your solutions is one of your main motivations.
  • Technically Astute: You enjoy the detail, even if you don’t always need to express it. You have a thirst for up-to-date knowledge of the technologies and solutions that businesses use to be successful as they transform.
  • Confidence: But not arrogant – you have the confidence that comes from the knowledge that your product is rock solid, and the ability to transmit this confidence to a customer. That means you might sit down with a customer already using your product to show them how they might use it even better!
  • Business Savvy: You understand how businesses are organized, how they achieve their desired results, what challenges they are likely to face, what solutions they need and what transformations they could make with your solutions.
  • A growth mindset: You build in time to develop your skills, knowledge, experience or capabilities. You look beyond the current opportunity towards the wider set of opportunities that could exist in a prospect.
  • A Collaborator: You understand that selling is a team game, so you spend time developing your network of colleagues and partners to achieve your success – and theirs.
  • Competitive: If you’re in it, you want to win it!
  • Fun: Getting the job done and enjoying & generating fun don’t need to be mutually exclusive.
  • The candidate must be based in Denmark or Norway and be fluent in a Scandinavian language as well as English.

Helpful technical sskills or experience (not all required, but consider how Splunk could benefit from your background)

  • Experience with traditional architectures and technologies (on-premise servers, monolithic applications) and/or new-ish technologies (cloud architectures, microservices, serverless) etc.
  • Experience with working with Kubernetes, Docker, and/or Lambda/serverless (preferred)
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and/or Microsoft Azure
  • Modern application architecture (microservices) understanding
  • Experience with, or knowledge, of various monitoring tools like AppDynamics, Datadog, New Relic, Grafana, BMC, CA, IBM etc. (preferred).
  • Knowledge of cloud, on-premise and hybrid architectures and monitoring (preferred) 

We value diversity at our company. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or any other applicable legally protected characteristics in the location in which the candidate is applying.