Your data is precious to your organization, which is why you make data security one of your top concerns.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) protects your cloud infrastructure, but who’s protecting the rest? Splunk provides an analytics-driven security solution that can help you reduce security incident investigation time by as much as 95%.


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  • How REI uses the Amazon GuardDuty Add-on for Splunk to provide visibility at the edge plus aggregate events for assessment and response.
  • How real-time monitoring can help prevent losses to productivity and revenue caused by security incidents
  • How Splunk can help you shorten investigation cycles with visual analysis, graphical representation of thresholds, alarms, indicators, and trends
  • What REI did to solve edge security gaps and eliminated the need for non-standard, one-off protection models as applications migrate to AWS.

Rohit Pujari

Partner Solutions Architect, AWS


Jae Lee

Product Marketing, Security Markets, Splunk


David Bell

Manager Infrastructure, Cloud Services, REI co-op


Wissam Ali-Ahmad

Technical Lead, Global Strategic Alliances, Technical Services, Splunk