What can you get for $10.74 / hour ?

Why $10.74 you may ask? Well, that’s the minimum hourly wage in San Francisco (at least as of this writing Nov 2014) …

With that out of the way let’s see what else you could get for $10.74/hour …

  • you could rent a “deluxe” bicycle and tour SF for ~$9/hour, but don’t forget to add the tax 😉
  • you could rent a car from one of the car sharing companies in SF and tour the entire Bay Area …
  • you also have enough dough to pay for Hunk on a 14 node EMR cluster

Let me expand on that last item a bit: you can get over 10 years of Splunk’s experience in working with machine data, packaged up, configured and ready to crunch your data using a 14 node Hadoop cluster. No coding and no PhD required!!

Impatients: get started here

On Oct 28th Amazon and Splunk announced the general availability of Amazon EMR with Hunk which offers AWS users the ability to use Hunk on an hourly basis at the price of $0.75 / EMR node / hour (above the AWS charges for EMR and EC2). This price is flat, irrespective of region or instance type used in EMR. Simple math says that you can use Hunk on a 14 node EMR cluster for $10.74 …

Now lets look at when this offering can help you:

you have data stored in Amazon’s S3 or EMR’s HDFS

you need to explore, analyze and visualize this data to gain insights into your operations, security, business, user behavior and other dimensions that are present in your data.

Third: your time is extremely valuable!

If the above points describe you, then Amazon EMR with Hunk would be the right fit … Bonus: no long term commitment required!

Ledion Bitincka

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