wayback machine

Im a pretty nostalgic guy, so hanging out with me there’s a lot of ‘back in the day’, ‘onion on my belt’ kind of stuff. You have been warned.

So my history at splunk — I started here in March ’05. First UI Developer, inheriting the front end built by our notorious founder Erik Swan. They brought me in as a dHTML guru and gave me free reign (crossed fingers notwithstanding). But for better or for worse Splunk has always been pretty different on the client-side. Even the alphas and private betas all were all client-side XSLT and had that holy crap moment where you wonder why the hell everything is clickable and lighting up on mouseover.

Then during the sprint to 3.0 we ran off in even crazier directions, and did all the things we’d talked about doing, but held back from (eg endless pager, free form charting in Flash, rethinking the timeline interactions, replacing the tabs with more compact layers).

From this point forward though, there will be more building out and less building up if that makes sense. ie no more monolithic single all powerful UI, but rather links between quasi-standalone bits. And on the monolith instead of bolting on new features Instead we’ll be solidifying things, cleaning, improving, fixing.

That said, there will still be a lot of unusual and useful interactivity. Actually probably more so overall if the monolith-maintenance burden falls as expected.

So interesting times here at Splunk. More news as it comes.

And oh, we are hiring. We are extremely hiring. If you are interested, or you know someone who’s interested, or a friend of yours is really smart and you think he needs a new job… Send them our way.

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