New Splunk Developer Platform Offerings

Last week was a busy week for the Splunk developer platform team.  We pushed live 2 SDKs within one hour!  We are excited to announce the release of:

  • Java SDK Preview on GitHub.  The Java SDK enables our growing base of customers to share and harness the core Splunk platform and the valuable data stored in Splunk across the enterprise.  The SDK ships with a number of examples including an explorer utility that provides the ability to explore the components and configuration settings of a Splunk installation.  Learn more about the Java SDK.
  • JavaScript SDK Preview on GitHub The JavaScript SDK takes big data to the web by providing developers with the ability to easily integrate visualizations into custom applications.  Now developers can take the timeline view and charting capabilities of Splunk’s out-of-the-box web interface and include them in their custom applications.  Additionally, with node.js support on the server side, developers can build end-to-end applications completely in JavaScript.  Learn more about the JavaScript SDK.

The delivery of the Java and JavaScript SDKs coupled with our existing Python SDK (GitHub) reinforce our commitment to developer enablement by providing more language choice for application development.

We are seeing tremendous interest in our developer community and customer base for Splunk to play a central role facilitating the ability to build innovative applications on top of a variety of data stores that span on-premises, cloud and mobile.

We are enabling developers to build complex Big Data applications for a variety of scenarios including:

  • Custom built visualizations
  • Reporting tool integrations
  • Big Data and relational database integrations
  • Complex event processing

Splunk is used by an extensive and growing customer base to handle a variety of workloads including, but not limited to, monitoring, application management, and security.  Developers can enhance Splunk in these and many other scenarios through the developer platform, which also provides programmatic access to Splunk management and administration facilities.

Even without changing a line of code, the core Splunk product provides developers with an easy way to search and visualize log data to improve application quality during development and test cycles and to troubleshoot production incidents.

We’ll have more detailed blog posts soon walking through both the Java and JavaScript SDKs respectively.  Splunk’s SDKs are hosted on GitHub.  More information about Splunk’s developer platform can be found at and on Twitter at @splunkdev.

Paul Sanford

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