The Splunk SDKs for C#, PHP and Ruby have arrived

We’re excited to announce the general availability of the Splunk Development Kits (SDKs) for C#, PHP and Ruby.  Coupled with the Splunk SDKs for Java, Python and JavaScript, developers are now fully equipped to customize and extend the power of Splunk using the languages, frameworks and tools they know and love.

Developers can use the Splunk SDKs to:

  • Access Splunk data from line of business systems like customer service apps
  • Integrate data from Splunk with other BI and reporting tools
  • Build mobile reporting apps
  • Power customer-facing dashboards and reports with Splunk data
  • Log directly to Splunk from any application

The Splunk SDKs include documentation, code samples, resources, and tools to make it quick and easy for developers to get started and be productive.  The Splunk SDKs enable developers to handle things like HTTP access, authentication and namespaces in just a few lines of code. The SDKs also simplify output from searches, providing results readers that parse search results and return them in a simplified structure with clear key-value pairs.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the SDKs along the way. Stay tuned for more great resources and tools to help developers be productive with Splunk.

Stop by the Splunk Developer portal to download the new Splunk SDKs today, and come back here to let us know what you think. Happy Splunking!

Jon Rooney

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