The Puppet Master Cometh

Last week Luke Kaines, The Master of Puppet, held a very well attended Puppet Camp here in SF. He drew a fantastic attendance from top notch companies – I was most impressed with the technical quality of the presentations and breakout sessions ( quality food too! ). These types of events can often be mundane or boring – this was not. Kudos to Luke for building a quality community.

I had the pleasure of meeting Luke some three years ago back at a BayLISA event where I saw him win over a tough audience with an early incarnation of Puppet. Its been fun watching him over the years deliver on that early promise and for continuing to win over a very tough crowd.

Recently I’ve been polling our customers how they do configuration/change management. Interestingly, I have noticed people mostly fall into two camps:

  • A very large percentage that use Puppet
  • A equally large percentage use nothing or home grown

It caught me off guard that such a large number use Puppet and equally surprised that there was no #2 vendor solution. Great news for Luke and team.

As part of my inquiry I’ve been compiling a list of integration points between Splunk and Puppet. Soon I’ll be dropping a Puppet App for splunk with dashboards, saved searches, and reports, based on indexing puppet reports, logs and facts.

  • If anyone out there uses Puppet and would like an early copy or has integration ideas let me know
  • If anyone out there does not use Puppet, they should look into it, and feel free to ping me if you have any questions, maybe I can point you in the right direction

Drop me a line for either – erik at splunk dot com.

Congratulations again to the puppet master Luke and his team for building one of the most exciting pieces of IT software in a long time.

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