The New Splunker Workshop: Part II

The second in our workshop series for the Splunk Admin / Owner / Program Manager is a session to introduce new and experienced users to Splunk reports and dashboards.

Get Started With Reports & Dashboards Workshop

It was a little surprising, but not uncommon, to learn from some of our veteran Splunkers they didn’t know Splunk could create interactive, smart visuals (also known as graphs/charts/reports) and arrange them quickly on custom dashboards. This 30-45 minute workshop will catapult searchers into a whole new world of visualizations.

The workshop covers how to use the Report Builder and Advanced Charting View to create 6 different types of reports. It includes guidance on saving reports, creating dashboards and layouts, and resources for going beyond what is presented in the workshop. Additionally, the slide deck provides material for advertising the workshop and for display during the workshop. It is, however, comprised mostly of guidelines on how to deliver the workshop. After all, how better to show someone how to use Splunk than to… well, use Splunk?

Happy Reporting!

Vi Ly

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