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Splunk’s Chief Mind, Mr. David Carasso is (in)famous around the office. Partly for his brilliant ( rather clever ) software algorithms but perhaps more notoriously for his ability to create ingenious “tag lines”.

(guess which one is David and which one is Me)

Splunk owes a good chunk of its brand to Mr. Carasso’s most popular line “Take the sh out of IT”. This tag line single handedly created lines 4 deep at trade shows for our black with white text “take the sh out of IT” teeshirts.

But that was not his only tag line – he is rather prolific.
Daivd posted a few on his blog

There are tons more that are NSFW and we should find some place “appropriate” to post those – they are among the funniest.

Here are a few that he did not list on his blog I found by scanning my inbox:

Be war eof logs

ROFLMAO - rolling our files, logging my ass off

The power of egrep, the grace of relational databases

All this from the Splunk’s brilliant but rather quirky Chief Mind

Thanks David!

BTW, if you have a tag line – post it here.
Maybe we will do something more interesting with them all.


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