Splunk4Good announces public data project highlighting FEC Campaign Finance Data

Splunk4Good and Splunk Dev are excited to announce we have collaborated to build a public data project highlighting FEC Campaign Finance Data! Check the project out by clicking on the image above or clicking here.

Yesterday I blogged about Splunk4Good bringing you new insights in campaign finance. The blog post linked to a video of the Splunked data. While the video was pretty cool, a video just isn’t the same as being able to get your hands on the Splunk instance.

Why did we Splunk the FEC data in the first place? The magic of open data is revealed when the public actually uses the data.

The project reveals answers to our burning questions:

  • What state gives the most?
  • Which state gives the most per capita? (Bet you won’t guess this one!)
  • What does aggregate giving look like visualized over the election cycle?
  • Is your city more Red or more Blue?
  • What does a map viz with drilldown reveal about giving by zip codes or cities?
  • What occupation gives the most?
  • Are geologists more Red or more Blue (Hint: think about where geologist live and who they work for!)

Splunk Ninja, Michael Wilde, VP of Engineering, Stephen Sorkin, Product Manager Divanny Lamas, UX Manager Micah Delfino and myself combined forces in the name of Splunk4Good to bring you this project.

It only took us a couple hours to get this data into Splunk and build cool visualizations. What insights did we miss? Check out the public data project and let us know what you learned @Splunk4Good or @xty on Twitter.

Hungry for more cool election viz? Splunk4Good and Rock the Vote have partnered to build an unique view into the U.S. Election. See what topics the twitterverse is talking about in the final hours of the election.

And don’t forget to VOTE! xoxo – Splunk4Good

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