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Next week, we’re heading down to Portland to attend .NET Fringe. This is an event focused on a lot of cool stuff happening in the .NET Community around OSS. As an active member of the .NET OSS community, maintainer of several OSS projects and one of the organizers of the event, I am obviously really excited to see this happen. I am equally excited to see that Splunk has stepped up to the plate as a Platinum sponsor to help make this a reality. Events like this take a lot of funds to do them right and Splunk is there!

Having a strong .NET ecosystem around open source is valuable to us and Splunk cares greatly about where .NET is heading. We ship several OSS libraries which help our customers accelerate their development. Not only do those libraries depend on other 3rd party OSS libraries, but our customers also use OSS libraries as part of their own Splunk solutions. Thus if it is helping the .NET OSS community, then it is good for Splunk!

My co-worker Grigori and I will be giving several talks:

We’re excited to be part of this gathering of folks that are carving out the future for .NET!

If you are attending, come on by and learn what Splunk offers to .NET developers, we’d love to talk to you!

Glenn Block

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