Splunk Python SDK Examples

The Python SDK contains examples of the applications that you can build on top of Splunk.  I wanted to quickly highlight a few of those now.

Reporting and the Splunk Python SDK

Customers have been asking us for ways to integrate Splunk data with a variety of reporting tools.  We decided to use Leftronic for our example in the SDK.

In this example, we are using Twitter as our data source and show how we are searching data in Splunk to build the data stream.  We then show how we are sending that data to Leftronic.

Check out our dev portal for more details on how we used the Leftronic UI on top of Splunk data – and get the example on GitHub.

Monitoring Application and the Splunk Python SDK

Building a whole new UI from scratch is something that our customers have been asking for.  We built a mini monitoring application that monitors itself to demonstrate how you can use Splunk to monitor your custom application and then render that data in real-time in a custom built UI.

Check out the details on our dev portal: and get the example on GitHub

You can stay up to date on the latest by following us on Twitter: @splunkdev and online at:

The Python SDK is available on GitHub.

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