Splunk and VenueNext: A Winning Team

VenueNext_logoIt has been one of the busiest and most eventful NFL off seasons in recent memory with players finding new homes and fans given new hope for the pending season through key player acquisitions and trades. As with the product on the field, franchises are constantly enhancing and improving the fan experience off it. With the integration of technology into the live experience, event-going fans are now enjoying MVP-type services from beginning to end.

When the San Francisco 49ers started planning their new stadium, use of technology, particularly mobile technology, was at the core of delivering an amazing fan experience. By partnering with VenueNext, they have built one of the best mobile apps for providing a delightful fan experience that has evolved how the nearly 68,000 fans enjoy games at Levi’s® Stadium.

Data is at the heart of operations in the new stadium and Splunk is powering analytics in realtime at every stage of the fan experience. Splunk is used to track real-time metrics for:

  • Ticketing – e.g. scans, errors, parking scans, parking availability, tickets
  • Food and Beverage – e.g. what food has been ordered, wait times, express checkout times
  • App Usage – e.g. app usage, location, features, OS
  • GameCenter Usage – e.g. number of video replays

    The insights provided by Splunk help the business operations team direct resources based on demand, reduce wait times at the various food stalls or divert traffic in the parking lots – all leading to an optimized fan experience. DevOps teams look at dashboards and can use the data for capacity planning, monitor network and application performance.



    We are excited to play a role in helping provide an amazing in-stadium experience while fans eagerly await “The Catch: IV”.

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Rahul Deshmukh

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