I have a funny habit with our code in the front end, where if something’s just too complicated, but i cant see the better solution yet, I’ll give its pieces long descriptive names. It’s basically so they’ll stick out later, we’ll think ‘why is this thing so ugly and complicated’, and it’ll help us remember to revisit it. (btw, I’m not claiming that this is good development practice, it’s just a trick i use, faintly reminiscent of the blue-wire red-wire stuff in the Mythical Man Month).

So anyway, I bring it up cause Johnvey saw one of it’s cousins out in the wild, taking the whole concept to an extreme. Check it out.

Arguably though, this is so extreme that it’s not reallyDescriptiveNames at all, but closer kin to a sort of passiveAggressiveWorkplaceSabotageAdapter.

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