New version of Splunk App for Unix and Linux for Splunk 6!

Splunk 6 is now here and you are probably wondering how your large-scale Unix and Linux deployment can benefit from it? I am happy to announce that a new version of one of our most popular apps, Splunk App for Unix and Linux (also called the *nix App) is now here. And you can deploy it with Splunk 6. Check it out at

This app has all the makings of a crowd-pleaser, we think! We heard from you that you do not want to spend hours looking for those few misbehaving hosts among all the thousands you manage. Check out our fancy new visualizations we created for you to easily find the operational status across large scale*nix environments.

Splunk App for Unix and Linux: Homepage Dashboards

We also wanted to help you align the monitoring of your Unix and Linux environments to your enterprise services. With this app, we introduce flexible host groupings to categorize your systems by services they support, by type (test/dev/prod) or whatever custom way you have for categorizing your environment. You can organize your environment exactly how you like it.

Managing a large number of physical or virtual systems can be very tedious. You want to react to critical issues and not sweat the small stuff. So we have also included pre packaged alerts in this app with the capability to customize the severity of alerts so that you know if you are very close to running out of memory on any particular server or if another server has under utilized CPU resources. Monitor in real-time or go back to see what happened over the weekend with your systems. Did you have any critical alerts that need attention? You may want to investigate that and drill-down further.

Splunk App for Unix and Linux: Alerts View

Splunk App for Unix and Linux: Alerts View

Yes, you can do that too! We give you the snapshot of what has been going on across your systems around the time that alert fired. You can go back to can see what the processes were running, what was the CPU and memory utilization around that time.

And now that you cleared those alerts, it could be time to take a closer look at your systems’ metrics across your services and host groups. We offer you ability to compare the most important metrics across range of hosts and groups so that you can fine-tune your systems performance and optimize your capacity allocations. Maybe you have some under-utilized CPU resources and may want to load-balance the others that are running too hot. Check out our metrics screen where you can easily spot historical trends and choose over forty important Unix and Linux metrics to observe.

Splunk App for Unix and Linux: Metrics View

There is another bit of flexibility we added in, that old-time Splunk users will appreciate. You can now use the *nix app across a variety of index names (not just index=os). We have a new “Your Data” panel where with just few clicks you can configure additional data sources and indexes. Sit back, relax and let our new *nix App monitor your systems.

Finally, how much do you need to pay for all these new capabilities of our new *nix App. Absolutely nothing! It is free! Go download it now and start Splunking –

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