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A standard preamble about life at splunk.

We are always looking for passionate and intelligent engineers regardless of their background, musical preference, grades they got in collage, or ability to prove some esoteric math theorem. We react best to people that are creative and think for themselves – people that are smarter than shit but don’t over think the wrong thing.

Much of our companies identity, the product, its features, how its used, how we talk about the product, our branding, all mainly come from the development staff – and we plan to keep it that way. Our philosophy is based on the idea that 10 diverse smart people in a room are better off than 25 decent yet uninspired engineers – so although we need to grow fast we end up going slow because we are picky.

Couple of other data-points:

  • we like to have fun while at work
  • we have smart people, challenging problems, and an interesting architecture
  • we practice an liberal interpretation of scrum
  • our code is cross platform and *resembles* open source development models
  • we like nice hardware ( cpu, monitor, etc ) and dont care what OS you use
  • we do most stuff in c/c++ with a bunch of python around the edges
  • we dont use many 3rd party libraries/code ( xml parsers, ssl libraries, and a few others ) we write almost everything ourselves

We are always looking for great people so it never hurts to drop us a line. Even if your not sure you want to leave your current job and its fine if you dont have a resume ( i hate updating mine ) – just send us email ( j o b s @ s p l u n k . c o m ), hop on irc – #splunk, or stop by: 118 king st. San Francisco – right across from the ball park.

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