Introducing Splunkbase Curated Experience

There are about 1,200 apps in Splunkbase today. Up until now, the typical ways to look for an app on Splunkbase have been to either search for the app, or filter through multiple apps based on several filter criteria. We have not recommended apps to our user community in the past. With the launch of curated experience at Splunk .conf2016 we are changing this by bringing the notion of “curation” to Splunkbase.

We believe this will improve the app browsing and discovery experience for our users by highlighting apps that provide the most value. The main emphasis here is on “curation of content” by a team at Splunk – sifting through all the apps on Splunkbase, and highlighting these in specific areas.

Let’s walk through content curation and some other exciting changes we are bringing to Splunkbase!

Content Curation and Recommendation

With this release, we will now have the ability to “curate and recommend” apps in several areas on Splunkbase. This includes:


The following app categories will be highlighted on Splunkbase. All apps will be reviewed to ensure they are appropriate for the category they are listed under and existing apps will be re-categorized into these new ones based on this effort. We will also periodically review and re-categorize content to make sure it is appropriate for the categories it is designated under.

  1. IT Operations
  2. DevOps
  3. Security, Fraud & Compliance
  4. Business Analytics
  5. IoT & Industrial Data
  6. Utilities

Splunkbase homepage categories

Category Pages

Each of the categories will have its own dedicated category page. This page will feature up to six apps that are recommended for this area. In addition, this page will have detailed sections on specific featured apps.


Technology Vendors

We are also adding the concept of apps featured and recommended for various technology vendors that we partner with. At launch we are highlighting the following partners:

  • Cisco
  • EMC
  • AWS
  • Palo Alto Networks

Look for more of our partners to be showcased with corresponding apps over time.


Splunk Built and Splunk Certified Content

We are incorporating changes that will provide more prominence to Splunk Built and Splunk Certified content. This will be done via swim lanes on the homepage highlighting content in these groups, as well as by badges on the app card which will signify if any apps or add-ons have been built or certified by Splunk. In addition, you will also be able to filter for Splunk Built and Splunk Certified content on the search page.



Responsive Design

This launch also features responsive design for the browsing sections on Splunkbase. This means you will now be able to browse for and look at app details from your mobile device leading to a much better experience than before. Look for this experience to improve over time as we add additional features to make the mobile experience even better.

Splunkbase mobile responsive homepage

User Specific App Recommendations

We are also bringing the notion of user-specific app recommendations to Splunkbase. When logged in to Splunkbase, and on the details page for an app, you should now start seeing recommendations for other related apps. Our recommendation engine will suggest these apps tailored to you based on what you have already downloaded.


What’s Next?

We are working on a lot of developer goodness over the next several months. Watch out for the new features in the Splunkbase Developer portal.

Let us know what you think, and as always please feel free to reach out to us at with your comments and suggestions!

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