There’s lots of subtle things that are required for good user experience. Simplicity, speed, comprehensibility, consistency. These are the core value of any software, and there’s a spectrum on which they’re at the other end from ‘Features’.

Features are cool. They make you sound smart. Whether you’re a customer talking to a sales guy, or an engineer fleshing out an idea you had. New stuff tends to show up in sentences as the word ‘feature’. It’s exciting. Sure it has a certain cost in speed or something. It tends to not color entirely within the lines. But that’s OK. It’s new, therefore it’s cool.

Jumping forward many years though, everything at some point was new, and gets old and those costs start to suck. After a while these intangibles have pretty much been sacrificed away and you’re in large-company hell, sitting in endless meetings trying to figure out how and when everything got all bloated and slow.

So, we’re trying to swim against this current as we scale (no kidding). We’re trying to prioritize speed and simplicity. We’re trying to keep talking to users in the trenches. We’re fighting off checkbox-itis, we’re trying to have new corner-case features built in offshoot, quasi-standalone manners, we’re trying to use the extensible architectures we have, and create more of them when needed.

In short, we’re trying to keep that thing about Splunk that is cool. That you can get going quickly, you can set it up quickly, you can change directions quickly. It’s yours to drive. When you want to do something with Splunk for the first time, it generally makes sense and doesnt take very long.

So enter YOU! We sometimes suck at all this, and could use your help to suck less. And if you the user want to talk to us, about how you use Splunk, what searches you run with it, what stuff you’ve found easy, what you’ve found hard, we want to know. It’s not terribly hard to figure out my email address since you know my name. So email me. or email ui. Really. =)

We have some nifty but lightweight web-ex type stuff that just requires a browser, and we can do a 10min conference call and watch you drive your splunk instance around from the safety of our desks. Email me for an invite.

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