Well, I guess I had to start “blogging” eventually…

Hi, I’m Amrit, the main CLI (Command Line Interface) and PCL (Python Control Layer) guy here at Splunk. This means that I maintain our more common bash scripts (bin/splunk & friends), and our Python support scripts (site-packages/splunk/clilib/), which do the heavy lifting for a number of CLI & Web UI features.

These aren’t the only things I work on, but they are the parts of the Splunk codebase that have consumed most of my time since starting here in December 2005. I should also mention that Ivan Tam (no blog.. yet..?), who now works on the SplunkWeb UI, helped write the first implementation of the PCL during mid-2006.

Every now and then I’ll post some tips & tricks related to the things I’m working on, which you’ll hopefully find useful.


Amritpal Bath

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