Having trouble finding Splunk for Free?

Although Splunk Free shipped with 4.0.5, we’re getting a bunch of questions to support asking “where’s the Free?” Turns out actually turning Splunk Trial into Free-as-in-Beer Splunk may not be as obvious as we hoped.

When the trial expires, Splunk will automatically prompt you to get a trial extension, or convert to Free. However, if you’re ready to go to Splunk Free right away:

Go to Manager (from any app) -> License

Down in the text area of the license page, you’ll see text for “switch to a Free Splunk at any time” When you click that, you’ll go to the license switcher that will turn your Splunk into a Free Splunk.

click here for the free license

Note however, you must be running Splunk 4.0.5 or later for the free version. If you are currently using 4.0.4 or earlier, you must first upgrade in order to get the Free version.


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