Got Salesforce, Got Mac.. need help. Here you go!

Since we’ve recently switched over to, which I’m pretty satisfied with. I’ve been searching for tools that help me interact with via the software on my Mac, such as “Microsoft Entourage 2008” and my favorite application “Quicksilver

Simon Fell, over at has created a bunch of tools for the Mac user that help integrate with the stuff you do locally on your Mac.


Maildrop is pretty cool, because it logs you in, and integrates with Entourage. It adds a special menu that provides functionality for Notes, Events, Cases, Contacts, and Email. Most importantly, this video will show you how to setup Maildrop, how to use it, and how Entourage can work with

Salesforce Plugin for Quicksilver

Simon Fell’s Plugin for Quicksilver is also a pretty sweet add-on for Quicksilver. If you don’t know how awesome Quicksilver is, watch my productivity video. This plugin allows search in directly from Quicksilver and file upload to your documents folder! All with a few key clicks–per usual in Quicksilver. This video will show you how to setup the plugin for Quicksilver and a bit about how it works.

The Successforce dudes that own the Twitter account also sent me a link to other Mac tools for up on their site (where Maildrop is also featured)

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