Gem Noticed by Enterprise Networking Planet

I have a Google alert set up to email me news of the extraordinary concerning Splunk. Most of them are press releases by either us or our agency, which are all well and fine (this is how most companies seed stories anyway), but one caught my eye this morning by Charlie Schluting over on Enterprise Networking Planet.

Two things struck me interesting about Charlie’s post.

First, he noticed the changes in the UI we’ve been slowly making over the last few releases. If you’ve ever done UI design, you know how much sweat goes into every little detail, and how much momentum a design carries over time. That someone noticed the new changes *and* liked them is a HUGE win for the UI team. It’s even better how fast someone noticed!

Second, he actually spends quite a bit of time explaining the security workaround in the free product – one that I covered earlier, coincidently enough. I figure if someone goes to the time and trouble to figure out how they can keep using the product in a secure, legitimate way, then they must really, really like it. You simply can’t argue with an evangelist like this.

If anyone here is a gem, it’s Charlie.


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