DIY 0 to 60 with Splunk in 3 steps

A lot of folks (particular developers) often ask me how to get started with building an app in Splunk? Many of the askers have no previous exposure to Splunk. Here are the steps I recommend:

  • Download Splunk: You’ll get 500 megs data ingest a day for free, which is plenty to start!
  • Do the search tutorial. It covers all the basics end to end, from ingesting data, to searches, to dashboards. By the end of the tutorial you will get a good sense of what you can do with Splunk itself.
  • Follow the fantastic new developer guidance for apps. We worked with real partners and have documented the entire journey of building an app, and captured those learnings for you in the guidance.

By the time you’ve finished you’ll have a good basic understanding of Splunk and our dev platform.

Go forth and Splunk!

Glenn Block

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