Call for Splunk C# SDK Advisory Board members


We are starting to set up advisory boards for our developer assets in order to engage more regularly with our developer communities. The first up is the C# SDK Advisory Board, since this is the one we are redesigning now. Our objective with the redesign is to leverage the latest .NET Framework advancements. We are looking for both subject matter experts and passionate novices, and we want people across a wide variety of industries.

What do we hope to gain from an advisory board?

The C# SDK advisory board is a representative body for the community of .NET developers interested in the Splunk platform – either leveraging it for their own use or partnering with us and extending the platform. We look to our advisors to help keep us on the right path, to help us prioritize what we work on, and to warn us if we are going off a cliff.

Our ultimate goal is to become better at addressing your real world development problems. We would love your help in doing that.

How much time will advisors spend?

Formally, we will have a 1-hr web-based conference call at least once a month. In some sense, this meeting is our sprint review meeting. In them, we will have two-way discussions about our roadmap and on design-related topics. Additionally, we will demonstrate what we’ve been working on. We will solicit feedback during these meetings and encourage a critical evaluation of everything we do. Beyond that we also really want your participation and will be including time for customers to present on their own experiences using our assets and their solutions.

What do you get as an advisor?

As an advisor, you will directly influence the direction of our SDK by helping us set priorities for the backlog and providing timely feedback. You’ll have direct and ongoing access to the engineering team that is building the SDK.

You will also join a network of other developers who are passionate and thoughtful about making our development platform more powerful.

As an additional benefit, we will also procure a developer license for you to experiment with Splunk and our latest assets.

We make it a point to publicly acknowledge each of our contributing advisors.

What are the qualifications for being an advisor?

Foremost we are looking for people who really care about developing applications on Splunk and integrating with Splunk. You are willing to invest time with our team and participate in the feedback process. Real world experience using Splunk’s APIs and passion for designing intuitive and frictionless APIs are good qualities to bring to the table.

I’d like to be an advisor on this project, what do I do?

Send an email to devinfo at and let us know the following:

  1. What experience do you have or hope to gain with Splunk?
  2. Any place where you share with a community: blog, Twitter, GitHub etc.

If you are developing in a different language than C# and interested in joining our future advisory boards focused on other SDKs, feel free to contact us as well with similar questions.

Grigori Melnik

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