Apparently everything hasn’t been invented

There’s a famous 1899 misquote attributed to Charles H. Duell, who was the Commissioner of the U.S. Patent office at the time. He famously [didn’t] say upon resigning from his post, “Everything that can be invented, has been invented”.

I’d like to believe that he didn’t say it because he knew Splunk was out there, lurking in the depths of the as yet discovered world of machine data, searching for a better way for organizations to monitor, report and analyze real-time and historical machine data.

This morning we announced the grant of our second patent that covers organizing, indexing, searching and presenting time-series data.

If you have some time for some light reading, you can read the details of patent U.S. Patent No. US 8,112,425 B2, right here. Alternatively, you can check the press release here.

For you patent-spotters out there, you can also read about our first patent here.

And Charles, thanks for giving us the wiggle room to still innovate!

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