Announcing the Splunk Application Framework Preview

We’re thrilled to announce the public preview of the new Splunk Application Framework.  With this framework, developers can build Splunk apps using the same tools, languages, and methods they know and already use to develop modern web applications.   Developers can now leverage their JavaScript and Python skills to build Splunk Apps, making it easier than ever to customize and extend the power of Splunk.   All you need to get started is Splunk Enterprise 5 and the code from GitHub.

The Splunk Application Framework Preview lets developers quickly create custom Splunk apps by using prebuilt components, styles, templates, and reusable samples; and by adding custom logic, interactions, and UI.  Apps you develop with the Framework Preview will work seamlessly side-by-side with any existing Splunk Apps built with simple and advanced XML.

In addition to Python and JavaScript, the Splunk Application Framework Preview makes use of the Django web framework for URL dispatching, views, forms, and templates. The Splunk Application Framework Preview also uses a few JavaScript libraries for client-side code, such as Backbone.js for eventing and jQuery for working with the document object model (DOM).

The collection of components, templates, and management tools include:

  • Quick Start overview so you can get up and running quickly
  • Seamless interoperability with existing Splunk Apps
  • A full suite of examples and sample code

The Splunk Application Frameworks makes it incredibly fast and simple to integrate any JavaScript visualization or UI library, transforming both the developer and user experience inside Splunk, bringing it in line with the cutting edge of modern web development.

Download the framework now, check out the documentation and tutorials to get started quickly and let us know what you think!

Jon Rooney

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