Announcing the Splunk App for *Nix 4.6

I am pleased to announce that the Splunk App for *Nix version 4.6 is now available on Splunkbase!  Similarly, the Splunk Technology Add-on for *Nix version 1.1 is now available on Splunkbase as well.

What’s new?

The authoritative resource to find out what is new in this release is the Release Notes section of the official Splunk App for *Nix documentation.  That said, here is the high level:

  • Around 30 bug fixes
  • Command-line based app setup
  • New inputs

Some of the 25+ bug fixes include:

  • fixing a nasty error in the shell script
  • correcting the way we calculate free memory
  • fixing vmstat memory units on Solaris
  • fixing the diff reports for config files

Some of the new features this release offers include:

  • Command-Line based setup, which was a top request from customers
  • standardization on JSChart (rather than a mix of JSChart and FlashChart)
  • Addition of su/ssh eventtypes and fields for OS X
  • Ability to monitor user’s Bash history files

What’s Next?

We have kick-started development of the next version of the Splunk App for * Nix.  Some of our goals (NOT promises :) ) for the next version of the app include:

  • A more usable look and feel
  • Improved work flows for investigation
  • Enhanced visualizations
  • Extension of scripted inputs to provide support for HP-UX


Special thanks for this release go to:

  • The Splunk Community for great bug reports and enhancement requests!
  • Barry Wang, Liu Yuan Li, and Vainstein K for great engineering!
  • Malcolm Moore for great documentation!

Alex Raitz

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