Your Top Technology Driven Horror Movies This Halloween

Halloween is coming and this year Trick Or Treat is officially cancelled (I think) or at least a bit “meh”. With this Halloween being stuck at home trying to avoid pumpkin carving injuries, I thought I’d come up with some recommended technology driven horror movies. There are lots of streaming TV providers now such as NetStyx, Whhhooolu, etc. so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be able to find the following on a TV channel somewhere on October 31st:  

            🎃 Hostbusters

            🎃 Texas Blockchainsaw Massacre

            🎃 Hackula 

            🎃 The XOR-cist

            🎃 The (Token) Ring

            🎃 The Wicker LAN

            🎃 Candimann (not to be mistaken for @AndiMann)

            🎃 The Blair Breach Project

            🎃 The Silence of the Spams

            🎃 FrankenSIEM

            🎃 A-hack-no-phobia

            🎃 8 Legged Geeks

            🎃 A.I. lien

            🎃 The Meg(abyte)

            🎃 jAWS - we’re going to need a bigger cloud

            🎃 Stream 3 

            🎃 I.T. Chapter 2

            🎃 Get (std)out

            🎃 The Hills have vi 

            🎃 Day of the sed

            🎃 11100 Days Later (28 days later)

            🎃 The Mist (it's a bit like the cloud…)

            🎃 SOAR: The Final Chapter

            🎃 spl-IT (or SPL-IT)

            🎃 End of (Zero) Days

            🎃 JigSOAR

If you’re like me and you have to cover your eyes for the worst parts of a horror movie then why not grab your laptop while the evil demon clown is doing something horrific and start to take the sh out of “IT” ;-) with a free cloud trial of Splunk

Have a scarily good Halloween. As always, thanks for reading.


Matt Davies
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Matt Davies

Matt is Splunk's VP, AMER and EMEA Marketing (and part time Chief Colouring-In Officer). He's responsible for developing and executing marketing strategy for all of Splunk's core platforms in EMEA, working closely with Splunk customers to help them understand the value that new insights from machine data can deliver to their business. Matt is also one of Splunk's technical evangelists and communicates Splunk's go to market strategy in the region. Previously Matt has worked at Cordys, Oracle/BEA, Elata, Broadquay Consulting, iPlanet/Sun, Netscape and IBM. With nearly 25 years in the software industry, Matt has extensive knowledge of enterprise IT systems.

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