You think your Ice Tea is “hard”? You think it is “Long” and on an “Island”?

Tired of malt beverages that pass themselves off as “hard ice tea?” at 25 proof? Sick of being sick from other people’s sick-up on the floor from “Long Island Ice Teas”?

There is a solution. It’s called Science. Today’s lesson: Infusion.

How does real tea work? It’s called infusion. That’s when small bits get into the liquid part of the drink and make it tasty. Normally, if you’re normal, you use hot water and plants.

Forget normal. Anything you can do with hot water, you can do with Alcohol. And then some. That be a cardinal rule of BioChem.

So today we will have tea. It looks like tea. It tastes like tea. And it will screw you up.

4:20, game on. In the bar.

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