Unnatural acts with gin

Sources who will remain nameless have been reporting growing disquiet with the “ghurly-man drinkies” served at Fourth Floor Fridays. Whether this is because they are too sweet, too fruity or too likely to leave certain people brain-whacked they do not tell. Why they speak like the Gobernator is also unclear.

However, in an attempt to show that PM does in fact listen and is in fact responsive, today’s drink will be absolutely, positively as lethal as it looks and tastes. Today’s drink is gin. It will be cold. It will be served up. It will have EXACTLY ONE thing in it.

What will you choose? There will be options. You can bring your own “thing” and I will shake it.* Or you can take my suggestions. Prizes will be awarded for the best, and worst, thing to happen to gin this afternoon.

5pm, you-know-where.

* Yes, I will shake whatever you give me. However, it will be shaken in an 80 proof booze, with ice, and then you will drink it. We reserve the right to mock or honor as you straddle the line between bravado and utter stupidity.

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