The tall guy against the wall

For a nice sunny summer week, far too many of us have succumbed to illness. Clearly the move, sprinting and attendant stress has been too much for some Splunkers. We salute their sacrifice to the greater good. Those who still survive should take all due and proper precautions to ensure their continued health. For that no tonic is better than the (in)famous Harvey Wallbanger.

Bringing together the restorative powers of orange juice, ancient Italian herbs and wholesome grain liquor, the Harvey Wallbanger provides all the nutrition the body needs to ward off sickness and scope creep. That it sounds like your creepy uncle also helps add extra tre chic that PBR sipping hipsters adore. This ain’t your sister’s screwdriver – this is bona fide old school.

So come get the cure for what ails you down on the south side after five. As a special bonus, I’ll explain the subject line and other dirty names for OJ based beverages that they only teach in Sunday school.

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