That happened: episode 8

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk” a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: Pythonesque greetings, DrawSomething complications, time travel, and deep thoughts.

The #splunk natives are a little punchy sometimes

But they will not ever dump you off a bridge (plus bonus Splunk Javascript SDK link!)

<plaintext> Hello!
<plaintext> May I have a question?
<^Brian^> What is your favorite color?
<hexx_home> no!
<madscient> greetings.  many even.
<hexx_home> you only get one
<tgow> goferit
<hexx_home> and you already asked it
<plaintext> Can any of splunk’s generated graphs be accessed through the REST API?
<Coccyx> not through REST
<Coccyx> but can through the Javascript SDK
<Coccyx> !stats
<splunkbot> Coccyx: Stats can be found at http://splunkbot.splunk.com:8080/stats/%23splunk
<@Splunky> splunkbot’s URL: “Splunkbot Web Interface”
<Coccyx> see that for an example
<Coccyx> although its a bit buggy right now
<plaintext> Many thanks!
<Coccyx> plaintext: javascript sdk is at https://github.com/splunk/splunk-sdk-javascript I believe
<plaintext> Thanks
<plaintext> I’ll check it out

DrawSomething: bridging cultural gaps

In other news, spelling almost always matters:

<Drainy> duckfez: Not a single word I can think of in reference to that picture fits
<Drainy> so either I’m being stupid or you’re throwing a curveball
<duckfez> Drainy: and I’ll be damned if I can remember what I drew
<Drainy> live long and prosper
<Drainy> with the vulcan hand signal
<duckfez> ah yes
<Drainy> hint?
<duckfez> who is famous for saying that?
<Drainy> his name isn’t in the letters available!
<Drainy> if we’re talking about nimoy
<duckfez> the character
<Drainy> ahhhhahaha
<Drainy> massive blonde moment, spelling spock with just spok
<Drainy> go me

Now if he could just remember where he parked it…

How you know he’s a real Mad Scientist:

<madscient> Got my coffee and sat down to implement something into one of my new modules, and the functionality was already there.  No recollection of this code.   Time machine i guess.

The power of experience

Pondering the big questions of the universe:

<jspears> Q: is root so powerful he can break a system so badly that even he can’t fix it?  A: yes!
* snowmizer thinks jspears learned that from experience
<cerby> haha. absolutely
<snowmizer> I hear format works pretty well to fix that
<jspears> it’s possible to redefine “fix” in some situations :)
<cerby> sudo chmod -R -x / tmp/test/script.sh
<cerby> is more than enough to destroy a system.
<^Brian^> DOH
<cerby> (or 6 systems if run in parallel via automation tooling :( )
<snowmizer> haha
<cerby> <– experience. It’s what you get when you don’t get what you want.
<snowmizer> I like that
<snowmizer> I’ll have to remember that
<snowmizer> then I’ve got lots of experience
<cerby> Optimism is the triumph of hope over experience.
<snowmizer> I hope this works….
<snowmizer> then when it doesn’t it’s a new experience
<jspears> experience is what enables us to recognize a mistake when we make it again
<cerby> Splunk > Crushing idiotic theories about why things are slow since 2006
<^Brian^> heh
<snowmizer> oh sometimes you don’t need experience to know a mistake
<cerby> Experience is the best when it helps you point out others mistakes.
<snowmizer> sometimes you just need a computer system to tell you
<snowmizer> there ya go

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