That happened: episode 4

In this episode of “That happened: notes from #splunk” (a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel): excitement about the Splunk 2012 Worldwide User Conference, teaching some old dogs new tricks, and our new robot overlord^Wfriend.

Where will your data take you?

Most of #splunk is hoping it will take us to Las Vegas for the Splunk 2012 Worldwide User Conference:

<ftk> got the .conf notice today, already working on getting this shindig approved
<duckfez> ftk: +1
<duckfez> ftk: something tells me it’s gonna be a little harder to get approved w/ it being vegas and all
<ftk> duckfez: i conveniently left that factoid out for now haha
<duckfez> “that’s not a conference ; it’s just a boondoggle and free booze”
<duckfez> of course .conf is the week of my anniversary this year – I’ll have to bring the wifey to vegas to celebrate o_O

Some are willing to go to fairly extreme lengths to get there…but perhaps this list of reasons can help you clear it with your boss:

<Ayn> $BOSS reply to my “i wanna go to .conf” mail was more or less “yeah don’t we all”
<Ayn> seems it’ll take some more work…
<Drainy> :(
<Drainy> I’m currently offering to wear a wig in exchange for a discount
<troj> I, Mister Never-Goes-Anywhere-Ever, am excited enough about .conf that I actually asked if I could go.
<troj> We’ll see if it is “approved” :-)

On the other hand, you might NOT want to tell your boss about…

<Ayn> piebob: give us details, so that we may convince our bosses to go!
<DaGryph> piebob: Indeed! Need the details!
<piebob> this is stuff to make YOU want to go, not really so much your bosses :)
<Ayn> piebob: oh :)
<piebob> like, all-day Team Fortress 2 gaming with all stats splunked and displayed in a tf2 app for all to see
<DaGryph> Not sure how much more I could want to go. 😉
<mlanghor> piebob: just gotta convince my non-work boss
<DaGryph> OMG!!!
<sophy> haha
<piebob> i see we have at least one tf2 fan :)
<Ayn> well, given sufficient awesomeness it’s easier to fabricate a good cover story
<Ayn> mlanghor: +1 on that

Talkin’ ’bout the cron(ic)

In #splunk, learning is on a schedule:

<cerby> hey splunkers.
<cerby> Does this work:
<cerby> 1-59/5 * * * * command2 (equiv to 1,6,11,16,21…)
<cerby> for scheduling things via cron?
* cerby is trying this now
<^Brian^> cerby: stop being lazy!
<mlanghor> cerby: if it did, it wouldn’t be: 6,11,16
<amrit|lon> it would still be 5,10,15…
<cerby> 2-59/5 * * * * (equiv to 2,7,12,17,22…)
<mlanghor> math fails him
<cerby> apparently works with cron in linux.
<mlanghor> really?
<amrit|lon> huh.
<amrit|lon> did not know this
<mlanghor> that makes no sense
<cerby> the /5 indicates the period, the first number indicates where you start counting from.
<cerby> 0-59/5 is 0,5,10,15..
<amrit|lon> oh, i thought it was just whether it was divisible
<amrit|lon> nice
<cerby> nope.
<mlanghor> learned my thing for the day, I’m done
<walkeran> mlanghor++
<amrit|lon> haha
<cerby> mlanghor: that’s my new thing for the year. For the rest of ’12, I’m gonna be a knuckle dragging vegetable
<cerby> (whose that know me well won’t be able to tell the difference ..; )
<cerby> 😉

Did I say robot overlord? I meant protector*

#splunk welcomes our very own Splunk app-powered IRC robot, Splunkbot!  New Splunker Coccyx used Splunk’s Javascript SDK to write Splunkbot in node.js. It eats logs from our IRC channel, feeds them to a Splunk instance, and gives us really cool views and tools. Check out this interaction map, search for the awesome things we talk about, and see who is gabbing the most. In addition, Splunkbot has in-channel commands to let us save and retrieve snippets of chat we want to remember. If you want to use Splunkbot in your own IRC channel, you can find the source here, in GitHub.

*** splunkbot has joined #splunk
<Coccyx> w00t!
<@piebob> HI SPLUNKBOT
<@cgales> splunkbot is in da house!


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