That happened: episode 38

HAPPY NEW YEAR from “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel. This week: Who are these weirdos and what do they want you to know, externally bloggy hotness, Splunk and your family, highlighting a rockstar in our midst.

I wish I’d known that when….

Denizens of the #splunk IRC channel have begun keeping a page of tips and gotchas for the benefit of those who follow in their (epic) footsteps:

Want to know who these folks are? Check our IRC page: http://wiki.splunk.com/Community:IRC

More excellent Splunk nerdery can be found here at #splunk inhabitant George Starcher’s blog:

I LOVE children…I just can’t eat a whole one

Several #splunk denizens have sprogged recently…

<jtrucks> so.
<jtrucks> we just signed up on https://www.baby-connect.com/home as a web enabled baby timer/tracker with mobile apps…. and you can download your data in CSV.
<jtrucks> 😉
<cerby> jt: splunk babby
<Drainy> wha.. what
<duckfez> jtrucks: HOW IS BABBY SPLUNKED?
<jtrucks> duckfez: VERY CAREFULLY
<Drainy> this sounds amazing
<cerby> what is babby sourcetype?
<Drainy> I need a baby, stat
<Drainy> see, I’m the kinda guy who gets a bit tired of the constant baby updates people put on facebook
<Drainy> but with this.. CHARTS

Supporting your family during the holidays

#splunkers bring the Splunk love home

<mlanghor> had a family tech support call last night, aunt with a virus.
<automine> aunty-virus?
<automine> (sorry)
<DaGryph> *facepalm*

<troj> Sometimes I wish I bought a Splunk license for home use
<Jaykul> troj: lol, free one just isn’t big enough?
<troj> Jaykul: more than big enough — it’s awesome — I was just trying to add an index to default indexes searched and had a V8 moment :-)
<Jaykul> 😀

Ducky: what #splunk is all about

He even has his own backing singers:

<duckfez> I like big case statements and I cannot lie
<madscient> True()
<duckfez> you other splunkers can’t deny
<madscient> isnull(denial)
<duckfez> when a girl walks in and puts a big case in your face
<starcher> hit the splunk kegs already eh?
<@amrit|wrk> lol

<Baconesq> duckfez has my chronic problems memorized.
<Baconesq> I must bitch a lot.
<duckfez> Baconesq: no, I try to learn from others’ pain
<rayutsw> duckfez has everyone’s issues memorized
<rayutsw> splunk should pay duckfez to sit at home in his underwear and cape and just hang out on #splunk all day

<xoff> Little known fact: Even Chuck Norris has questions about Splunk. He emails Duckfez.

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