That happened: episode 36

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel:

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Luckily, there can be more than one

Where do the Thundercats fit into this scenario?

<msqrd> good morning splunk masters of the universe
<starcher> I still say it’s more a highlander thing. Since with each new log source being like a quickening you approach the prize of omniscience
<starcher> Vs He Man cartoon 😉
<msqrd> well put starcher

It’s better than bad, it’s good

Automine proclaims

<automine> I love doc
<pie|home> <3
<automine> and log
<automine> I love log
<^Brian^> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eusMzC7Rx7M
<@Splunky> ^Brian^’s URL: “YouTube – ren & stimpy “its log” song/commercial”
<automine> love it
<automine> it’s big
<automine> it’s heavy
<automine> it’s well formatted and starts with a full timestamp

Splunk love one-liners

<jtrucks> I love operations people who send me this: Splunk just saved me so much time.

<dbCooper> Told the boss to keep my bonus this year and spend it on our license.

<stewgoin> I half expect Splunk to become a Schedule III controlled substance

As long as they don’t make you an offer you can’t refuse

Marketing ain’t proud

<cerby> I think I’m going to open up my door one morning to leave for work and find a horses head on it, with a note. “stop throwing us under the bus! -dev”
<cerby> …and a flaming bag of dog poop, its note will say “Yeah! -QA”
<cerby> Splunk> Enabling Ops to throw everyone else under the bus since 2006
<firebus> Yes! The blame use case. One of my favorite.
<Coccyx> cerby: perfect, I’ll send it to marketing

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