That happened: episode 27

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: A little end of the world^Wyear silliness:

Happy Splunkmas!

A festive twofer

<ftk> merry christmas to all
<ftk> or festivus or whatever floats your boat
<alacer> water floats my boat
<rayutsw> i think displacement OF water floats your boat 😉
<ftk> i wasnt gonna go there
<alacer> fine, if you want to get technical
<jmccord> at least he didn’t say sulfur hexafluoride

<amirite> hey guys, anyone of you done any analytics on what gifts you can buy for your parents?
<amirite> and 15 and 25 year old girls?
<TheBeege> amirite: splunk license
<jspears> good answer

Pour me some of that Holiday Spirit

A newcomer learns that #splunk is srs bsns all the time:

<nuth> work is too much partying and too little nerding
<pie|home> <-in a meeting
<nuth> oh, you guys are working and sh*t … and here I come all drunk and all
<nuth> I’d never have guessed #splunk would be on EFNet … this is what happens on EFNet
<nuth> serious business is more freenode … or own irc server
<mlanghor> I thought freenode was OpenSource
<alacer> nuth: are you a splunk user, or just a town drunk?
<madscien1> word.  here it’s more srs bsns.
<nuth> bit of both
<mlanghor> freenode provides discussion facilities for the Free and Open Source Software communities, for not-for-profit organizations and for related communities and organizations.
<mlanghor> so kinda excludes Splunk
<pie|home> it’s ok, nuth–you’re allowed to be drunk in here. you’re just not allowed to be a jerk in here :)
<@cgales> In any case, here we are, as we are! Oh, we’re serious, very serious.
<nuth> cool
<pie|home> so in that sense, this is un-EFNET-like :)
<nuth> <something funny>
<pie|home> heh
<@amrit|wrk> lol
<derkferz> #splunk> testing the ballmer limit daily

Feeling the love

The agony, the ecstasy:

<mojo> omg splunk is so awesome, it makes me feel stupid all the time
<mojo> When I’m fumbling around trying to isolate the data I want, I just figure out it’s already classified better in another field I never used before…

<kjelle> this dude is doing excel magic with macros to make pretty graphs for his iis problems
<kjelle> so i just spent 15 minutes doing the same he spent 3 days doing
<Ayn> hehe. i recognize that kind of scenario 😉
<kjelle> the reply was “give me access, now!”

<mlanghor> from my mgr this morning: Splunk – makes my heart go pitter patter
<cerby> | timechart avg(pitter) by patter span=log2

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