That happened: episode 25

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: a regex awakening, adventures in origami, that pesky apostrophe, and Chuck Norris:

…And regex was the new law of the land

Once your head explodes, your mind is much more open, it stand to reason:

<PaulB|wrk> who needs Delims  when you havve regex
<PaulB|wrk> I have been blind all this time
<PaulB|wrk> must be the windows world i live in
<duckfez> PaulB|wrk: the guy whose head exploded from too many “([^,])+,([^,]+),” regexes
<PaulB|wrk> :)

Note: cape does not enable wearer to fly

However, the search language book does provide a bit of a turbo boost for those interested in trying:

<cerby> $splunk sales gave me a book yesterday, “Exploring Splunk
<cerby> wow.
<cerby> just, wow.
<cerby> visuals++
<@piebob> ah yes, it’s the search language book
<cerby> yeah
<cerby> i constantly struggle with X,Y type of stuff.
<madscient> cerby: the book does lack a section at the back detailing how to remove all the
pages and assemble them into a functioning cape
<cerby> mad – I KNOW! that was the 2nd thing I looked for in the TOC and Index
<cerby> first thing was “Splunk> We got your book right here”
<cerby> which, btw, also was not there.

Bro, do you even grammar?

Being polite can be difficult in certain company:

<wrench_> should i try and fix that forwarder side or indexer side?
<jspears> uf or full forwarder?  if it’s uf I think you have to do it on the indexer
<wrench_> o wait I was wrong
<kkolb> UF – to the indexer. HF – on the HF
<wrench_> it picked it up — my search wasn’t specific enough
<kkolb> late again
<wrench_> thanks y’all
<kkolb> your’e welcome.
<kkolb> you’re
<Ayn> your
<wrench_> yorr
<kkolb> you’r
<wrench_> ur
<kkolb> r
<wrench_> haha
<Ayn> yarr.
<kkolb> Ayn: win!
<Ayn> \o/

Splunk> find the droids you’re looking for

If only Captain Antilles were not such a minor character

<bboyko> Hmm, what if the Empire had Splunk?  It would have made finding those droids pitifully easy.  I mean this.  Just check the logs, see that the WiFi signals of R2D2 and C3PO logged onto Escape Pod 1… track them down from there.
<cerby> bboyko: The Empire would have never bowed down to Splunk’s yearly maintenance fees.
<cerby> They would have sent Vader to SplunkHQ, but the Splunk Jedi would have had neck cuffs that blocked his favorite punishment.
<Jaykul> Even Chuck Norris pays Splunk licensing fees.
<bboyko> It would have been easier just to get the Trade Federation to pay for it.
<cerby> I hear Chuck’s checks bounce.
<bboyko> Chuck’s checks don’t bounce.  They push the earth back.

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