That happened: episode 23

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: nerdcore rising, accoutrements for the modern superhero, Splunk aka the Borg.

Wasn’t Vanilla Ice also from South Florida?

A fresh new face in the burgeoning Nerdcore hiphop scene:

* ftk finally got an i love big data shirt
<duckfez> hey ftk!
<ftk> *happiness*
<ftk> I like big data and I cannot lie
<ftk> you other admins can’t deny
<ftk> when an app walks in with an iddy bitty interface and puts that data in your face you get sprung
<duckfez> I was gonna say “you get splunk”
<duckfez> but, you know
<ftk> dang
<ftk> that would be better
<ftk> you can tell i aint a rapper
<duckfez> ftk is clearly a much better rapper than I, because I hadn’t made it that far yet
<duckfez> you’ve got the south florida street cred, even if it is southwest

Taking the IT Superhero idea to another level

Seriously guys, we need to make some capes:

<cerby> duck – next time you see me, I may be a custom Splunk cape.
<snowmizer> haha
<duckfez> and I shall call you “Splunkman”
<cerby> and I shall be “SPLUNKMAN” </Duffman>
<duckfez> (unless you prefer “Big Data Guy”)
<snowmizer> cerby: I figure we should get your t-shirt idea widely distributed
<cerby> And on my Splunkbelt I will have 10GB Dev licenses to hand to people.
<cerby> …maybe on USB keys.

A more literal interpretation of being defined by one’s work

But we all know that coffee fuels all:

<MuS> ^Brian^: 😀
<@Splunky> MuS’s URL: “What are you doing right now? – WinFail Picture”
<^Brian^> MuS: hahaha
<snowmizer> lol…ok honestly I’m at work and there aren’t any people here that I’d be doing the other things with
<^Brian^> mmm..coffeeeeee
<jtrucks> how do you have a search cached/indexed/saved/whateveryoucallit so if I have a dashboard it doesn’t recalculate every time, but instead just pops it up? can I do something in saved searches on a schedule that can do this?
<jtrucks> and coffee++
* jtrucks pours another cup
<jtrucks> have I mentioned lately that I love having a dynamic environment where splunk is a major part of my job? This thing is fun :)
<^Brian^> jtrucks: you have been assimilated
<jtrucks> ^Brian^: quite.
<jtrucks> :)
* jtrucks is just a collection of saved-searches in a dashboard now

(Note: the answer to jtrucks’ question is here:

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