That happened: episode 22

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: documentation robot deployment, existential crises or “do you come here often?”, putting the Pro in Procrastination.

Splunk docteam: robots in disguise?

EXTERMINATE (documentation issues):

<ftk> teh dox are teh broken!
<^Brian^> ftk: where?
<ftk> ^Brian^:
<Splunky> ftk’s URL: “Module Reference”
<^Brian^> it’s working for me?
<ftk> chart doesnt have the new ones listed…radial gague etc
<ftk> maybe i shouldnt use the module reference for chart materials in the first place, since there is that nice page with all the chart params
<pie|cfa> ftk: looking into it
<pie|cfa> i have alerted the docbots
<ftk> thanks!
* troj imagines docbots in dalek costumes
<duckfez> troj: revise reVISE REVISE

I’m just here for the lulz

On the internet, nobody knows you’re not a duck (or a bunny):

<jtrucks> ^Brian^: I come here because the support is good :)
<^Brian^> i thought it was because of Drainy’s winning personality and duckferz’s knowledge? 😛
<jtrucks> haha
<Nerf> What about my good looks?
<Nerf> At least, for IRC
<derkferz> I am smashingly beautiful on the internet

Answers twofer: the best/worst timewaster

Your procrastination is everyone else’s win:

<madscient> thx.  you can tell i have way too much work to do, cause I’m spending way too much time on answers instead.
<derkferz> madscient: o/
<derkferz> “the splunk answers procrastination society” ?
<derkferz> we’re SAPS

Karma tactics (everyone already knows the Europeans have an early morning advantage):

<Drainy> also, stop answering questions before I do
<Drainy> twice in the last week I’ve gone to test something and come back only to find you’ve got there first
<Ayn> Drainy: i will introduce a grace period to see if it helps
<Drainy> haha
<Ayn> or we could start posting just a quick quick answer saying “OK EVERYONE STAND BACK, I GOT THIS” then put the actual answer in an edit
<Drainy> haha
<Ayn> someone with enough time and photoshop skills could adapt this xkcd to the situation 😉 https://xkcd.com/208/
<Ayn> actually, just replace “perl” with “splunk” and that should be enough =)

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