That happened: episode 21

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: .conf schwag distribution, food words, and the time-traveling aspects of Answers.

Ingrates abound

.conf schwag is the best schwag!

<ftk> i tell you what, people are ungrateful
<ftk> i lug a whole crate full of coozies back and everybody goes “can’t i have a shirt instead”
<ftk> i aint giving up the EMG
<@piebob> haha
<@piebob> E M G
<ftk> i know i was all like EMG UR GETTIN FREE STUFF
<^Brian^> heh
<ftk> STERF

Want to join us in #splunk?

Just make sure you choose the correct network (EFNET):

* Joins: macycron (~macycron@wsip-24-120-218-98.lv.lv.cox.net)
<macycron> Hi! What’s good?
<^Brian^> hah
<^Brian^> vegas is good
<macycron> Yes it is! Love the venue for .conf A+++++
<^Brian^> macycron: welcome to splunk irc
<macycron> ty, i was on the freenode channel…. turns out those splunkers are into something totally different ^.^

Maybe we just need to alias some fields

One of our favorite foreign #splunkers tries to assimilate en route to .conf:

<Drainy> derkferz: to be fair, you went through a lot of these differences a while ago
<Drainy> sadly I’ve had at least one beer since in the months between and its all slipped my mind
<Drainy> 😛
<derkferz> I did?   memory is failing
<Drainy> we talked about biscuits
<Drainy> and maybe scones
<Drainy> I had a scone this morning, or maybe I didn’t?
<derkferz> you probably had a scone or a biscuit, but probably not a cookie
<Drainy> which one is a cookie again?
<Drainy> a biscuit I guess
<alacer> cookie = dessert
<alacer> like chocolate chip.
<Drainy> what do you call biscuits then?
<Drainy> like digestives?
<alacer> I call them a biscuit.
<Drainy> I thought they were bread rolls!
<alacer> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biscuit
<@Splunky> alacer’s URL: “Biscuit – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”
<alacer> I think the picture might help.
<alacer> My biscuit is on the left. I guess yours are on the right.
<jspears> american biscuits typically aren’t a bread that rises before baking
<jspears> in fact I think you just get flour and vegetable shortening
<Drainy> thats a scone!
<alacer> so then, (american left, british right): biscuit = scone. cookie = biscuit. fries = chips. chips = crisps.
<alacer> hmmm, key value pairs……
<Drainy> sounds like a job for Splunk
<Drainy> to the Splunk-mobile!
<alacer> read my mind
<Drainy> <Insert spinning Splunk logo>

Answers twofer: making us feel dumber while making us smarter, every day

Look before you leap^Wtype:

<mojo> Hey folks I have a quick question, what is the best way to get around those “Other” categories when charting.  I would like to see those details and the Other column shows up even in the CSV export
<mojo> please disregard that – I apologize for not having gone to Answers first
<troj> mojo: I forget to do that too :-/
<mojo> lol – thx, I feel a little better
<mojo> I’m taking all of you to my staff meeting
<jtrucks> everyone here is so smart and fast, why not just make them type instead?
* jtrucks ducks

Not the first time this’s happened, either (and a prophesy fulfilled):

<ftk> oh man i love when i search Answers and it turns out i answered the question
<ftk> Answers is like my brain
<ftk> only better at remembering stuff
<@cgales> ftk: that is excellent. That should be in piebob’s next blarg.
<ftk> ermahgerd, blerg

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